Lakeville Fire: Snow Forts, While Wicked-Cool, Pose Real Dangers

Lakeville Fire responded to 15 calls last week.


From Feb. 11 to Feb. 17, the Lakeville Fire Department responded to 15 calls for service including 3 medicals, 3 motor vehicle accidents (2 w/injuries), 1 gas leak, 1 cooking fire, 1 passenger vehicle fire, 1 police matter, 1 good intent and 4 false alarms. 

Hidden Dangers of Snow Forts

Making a snow fort and playing in it is part of winter fun. The Lakeville Fire Department wants that fun to be safe, so please follow these precautions:

If you think the snow fort might collapse, get out immediately. 

Always have an adult outside a snow fort. If it collapses, you can suffocate and nobody will be around to get help to dig you out. 

Be careful about building a snow fort in the “Big Snow Pile” that forms at the end of a driveway. Children playing inside such a fort are at risk of getting hit by a passing car.


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