Why I Love Pan-O-Prog, and Some Photos From Inside the Parade

Ever wondered what the Pan-O-Prog parade looks like from the top of a convertible, waving to the massive crowd while driving down Holyoke?

Editor's note: This is a column by editor Derrick Williams.

... sigh ...

That's a contented sigh if you're curious. Why? Because I love Pan-O-Prog.

Seriously, this is the seventh Panorama of Progress I've covered as an editor and it's my favorite week of the year. That's probably well evidenced by I personally devote to Lakeville's annual summer festival with the goofy name.

I mean, where else can you find 25-plus photo galleries of the myriad different events and goings-on that make Pan-O-Prog the wonderful community spectacle it is? I mean it when I say it: I don't do it out of some corporate, beat-the-other-guy, philosophy. I do it because I really enjoy meeting the hundreds of new people I run in to. I do it because the is the cutest thing ever. I do it because of the smiles of the kids and parents at the . I do it because the do nothing but smile and give hugs when they see me.

What's the point of this column, Derrick?

I just wanted to say thanks to the people of Lakeville. This year's Pan-O-Prog was amazing. I met hundreds—yes, hundreds—of people who said they loved Patch, and some who personally thanked me for the coverage Lakeville Patch provides. It was, and is, heartwarming.

Last year, Lakeville Patch walked in the Grand Parade. Most people who lined Holyoke asked what the heck "The Patch" was.

This year, we walked again. And most people who lined Holyoke were saying "We love The Patch!" One child was even wearing a Patch t-shirt. Seriously? How cool is that!? Plus, we handed out 116 pounds of candy. Crazy? Yes. And not enough. Which is more crazy if you ask me.

Anyway, our Mendota Heights Editor Danielle Cabot had the fortune of playing the beautiful parade waver atop the convertible we had for the parade. While waving to the crowd, she also snapped photos.

Ever wonder what it looks like from inside the parade? Well here's the photo gallery.

And once again, thank you, Lakeville.

Danielle Cabot July 11, 2012 at 05:10 AM
Definitely checked that one off the bucket list :) I'm glad the shots turned out. My fave is the kid sticking his head in the water spout.
Wendy Erlien July 11, 2012 at 11:51 AM
Great pictures!


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