Emily Healy Crowned 2012 Miss Lakeville

Joylyn Gorence crowned 1st Princess, Lisa Hall crowned 2nd Princess, and Anna Batz earns Miss Congeniality crown.

It was the calm before the storm. As the previous year's royalty gave their farewell speeches on stage, the conversation among this year's Miss Lakeville pageant contestants in the makeup room fell silent. "Four minutes, ladies," warned stage manager Judy Norman to the contestants. "Healy's gotta win something," said one of the contestants, as the chatter slowly became more lively again. 

This year's scholarship pageant started off with a dance performed by last year's royalty and this year's contestants. Contestants were then introduced, followed by the "All About Me" competition, where each participant gave a more detailed account about themselves. 

The last competition (and maybe more importantly for the contestants, the last outfit change) was the Evening Gown portion of the program. Each contestant was asked to answer a question in this portion of the competition. 

After some more fanfare in which royalty from other pageants introduced themselves, and the previous year's royalty gave their heartfelt farewells, the contestants returned to the stage for the big moment. Anna Batz was given the award of Miss Congeniality, Lisa Hall was crowned 2nd Lakeville Princess, followed by Joylyn Gorence being crowned 1st Lakeville Princess.

Then, there was that quiet again. Master of Ceremonies Elizabeth Scipioni announced the winner of the 2012 Miss Lakeville Scholarship Pageant: Emily Healy.

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