Lakeville Schools Could Lose Deans, Counselors, in Effort to Trim $3.5 Million

The Lakevlle Area Public School District must trim $3.5 million from an already lean budget thanks to enrollment declines.

Lakeville's middle and high schools may lose most of the building deans as the school district looks to trim $3.5 million from a budget that's already been trimmed to the breaking point.

In addition, it's likely eight full-time teachers—or more—would be part of the trimming by way of section reductions, as well as one of the two full-time high school athletic directors, and much of the district's technology personnel.

"We just can't make ends meet," said Linda Swanson, the district's communications coordinator. "Cuts have to take place. Right now, with declining enrollment—it's just the situation we're in."

The budget proposal is just that—a proposal, Swanson said. The school board will discuss the adjustments at a 5 p.m. work session scheduled for Feb. 26 at the District Office, prior to its regular meeting at 7 p.m.

As is, the proposal would literally scrap Lakeville’s long-standing principal-dean model. In its place, the schools would go to principal/associate principal model with counselors, Swanson said.

"Some deans in the buildings now could move, but it would be a different pay structure," Swanson said. "We'd be looking at a different skill set in the buildings."

As for the cutting of teachers in the proposal, Swanson said it would come by way of looking at sections and making efficiencies.

"For example, if we have three sections of kindergarten with 14 students in each class, we'd instead go with two sections of 21," she said.

In addition, the proposal calls for the elimination of four learning specialists and four counselors at the elementary level, the technology support specialists in the middle schools, as well as the district's coordinator of technology.

Swanson said the district could also look to sell land, and further cut transportation costs.

Swanson said there will be future work sessions as well as a public information and feedback meeting sometime in March.

The board will have to pass a list of $3.5 million in adjustments on March 26.

Kari March 01, 2013 at 02:39 PM
Inner city & Lakeville are like comparing apples & oranges. I'm talking about the increasing complexity of what teachers in Lakeville deal with. I agree, we have a majority of great families who are doing everything thing right. But unstable homes aren't the only reason kids might bring issues to the classroom. There are many priveleged kids who bring their own set of issues - sense of entitlement, over-scheduled kids, permissive parenting, demanding parents. We're not inner city, but we have our own set of issues. Issues are issues and they all take time & energy to deal with. But we chose to live here because of the schools and the success of these schools is due in large part to the hard working teachers and those "priveleges" that we have come to expect. But as classes get larger (even by 1 student), there are that many more needs, whatever they may be, to be met...they come from every student - from those high performing kids who deserve to be challenged, to those who are on the other end who need help catching up, and let's not forget that average student who needs as much attention as everyone else. Teachers can only do so much with what resources they have. Sure, cuts need to be made, but not in the classroom.
cmfn March 02, 2013 at 01:19 AM
I think the point that is missing is that many people, not just teachers, have gone from the 40 hour work week, which use to be the standard, to the new standard of 50 plus hour work week. While we here that teachers are working their required time in the classroom and then having to come home at night and after the dinner is done and the kids are off to bed, putting in a few more hours just to stay on top of their workload...many people can tell this same story. The only difference is, it does not bring media attention, all these other people that live the same exact life do not have a union or an organized large group. But they are just as real, experiencing the same exact thing. They would like a pay raise also, they would like to not see their health insurance contribution increase by hundreds of dollars each year. They would like their boss to recognize that they are working at home at night to keep up with their new demands that keep changing. And while their boss recognizes it and is appreciative, that can not be reflected in a payraise. My significant other works for a State run organization. He is passionate about what he does and has done it for over 30 years. For the last several years, they have had pay freezes, budget cuts, as employees leave, they are not replaced. That work is just "absorbed".
cmfn March 02, 2013 at 01:37 AM
It is a free economy...if a teacher feels that they are being underpaid and overworked, leave, find a new job. Most do not leave, because the reality is, the version of bad is not really all that bad compared to what is out there. What is out there, most are experiencing the same exact thing.
bell March 02, 2013 at 02:48 AM
Ohhhhh, cmfn. I can't decide to laugh or scream as I read each of your passages. You and ABSG are the reason I believe in karma.
cmfn March 02, 2013 at 03:35 AM
Do you know what Karmia real is besids just saying it,,,I know, I graduated top ten lists. I was hired by the most prestigious firm in the nation. My kids were afforded every luxury in life, when they walked in their bedroom, the light went on, Divorce came, I lost it, and that life they grew so use to was gone. We lived in from one apartment to another, their was no seperate bedrooms, or lower level family rooom, we all shared one small kitchen, my daughter splet with me, the family room was gone. It was in this tiny space, of moving alot, we found what was for real, I love my kids beyond. we not only made it through drug dealers, women showing up at our door banging that were beaten and naked of which I sent the kids away, they are now ranked top in the world athletes. It comes from home, and what one allows,


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