Edina Apologizes For Scoreboard Misprint

Edina Public Schools is apologizing for its accidental claim to the 1987 conference football championship that belongs to Richfield.

is apologizing for a scoreboard misprint that showed its high school football team was the 1987 Lake Blue Conference champion. In actuality, the title belongs to .

A brought the error to light after a former member of the 1987 Richfield team captured the misprint in a photo and submitted it. The sign at Edina's mistakenly indicated the Hornets had won the conference title in '87.

"We actually were not aware of the error until it was brought to our attention in your recent Patch article," Susan Brott, director of communications for Edina Public Schools, said in an e-mail to Patch. 

Since the article ran, Brott said the matter was looked into and the sign was indeed incorrect.

"Please know that it was not intentional, but clearly an oversight on our part," Brott said. "We are working with a sign company to have the error corrected as soon as possible."

"Again, thank you for bringing this issue to our attention," she continued. "We most certainly did not mean to take anything away from the outstanding accomplishments of the Richfield [High School] team and hope they will accept our apologies."

Members of the Richfield team always thought the error was an accident, but will nonetheless be happy to know their legacy is valid and recognized.

Tom Carothers September 05, 2012 at 07:52 PM
The Fourth Estate forcing social change! Rock on!


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