Eastview Elementary Gets Resource Dog

The dog is a three-year-old yellow lab named Hero.

Eastview Elementary in Lakeville.
Eastview Elementary in Lakeville.
Eastview Elementary will soon have a resource dog named Hero to help children with different tasks, including reading.

The school board has approved Principal Taber Akin's proposal for the resource dog, the Star Tribune reported. Akin will care for Hero at his home and bring the dog to school each day.

Hero was trained at PawPADS. He can smell low blood sugar in a diabetic and do other tasks, such as "turning on lights and picking up items," Linda Ball, executive director of PawPADS told the Star Tribune.  

“One of my goals is to have Eastview be a place students want to come,” Atkins said to the Star Tribune. “I think the dog is going to be a tool that’s going to get kids to school and … want to be there.”

The cost of the dog will be paid for with donations.

Find the full Star Tribune article here.


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