With Session Still Grinding Along, House Reaches Per Diem Budget

Reps. Mary Liz Holberg and Pat Garofalo will both receive more than than the budgeted $5,412 this session.

Minnesota's House is still in session, flying past a self-imposed April 30 deadline to wrap up business.

And as a result, House members have received more for per diem—the daily expense payments local representatives receive—than the legislature had budgeted for 2012.

Reps. Mary Liz Holberg (R-District 36A), of Lakeville, and  Pat Garofalo (R-District 36B), Farmington, were slated to get $5,412 this session in per diem payments. Garofalo is also scheduled to receive $528 extra dollars incurred from last year's special session. Holberg will receive $264 extra per diem dollars.

The House, for 2012, budgeted $663,095 for per diem, and as of May 2, had already spent $669,257, according to the Star Tribune.

House Republican spokesman Jodi Boyne told the Star Tribune that House members will still receive daily payments, despite being over budget.

"There is enough money to handle the additional per diem costs," Boyne told the Star Tribune. She also said the House is under budget in other areas.

It's unclear when the session will wrap up.

has the for all of Minnesota's House members.

Derrick Williams (Editor) May 03, 2012 at 06:11 PM
Is the per diem issue even an issue? What do you think?


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