With Little Ready to Take Mayor's Seat, Council to Ponder Replacement

When mayor-elect Matt Little assumes his new role in January, his council seat will have to be filled.

Lakeville's City Council will soon have a hole to be filled.

When City Councilor Matt Little takes the oath of office as the city's newest mayor in January, his current term on Lakeville's City Council will be vacated and in need of filling.

(Read more about Matt Little.)

According to a Sun Thisweek story, the council gnawed over the topic on Nov. 26 during a special session.

Typically, the council will solicit applications from candidates interested in the vacant position, then review the applications and invite some candidates for interviews.

The last time the council did this was in 2009 when then Parks, Recreation and Natural Resources Committee member Kevin Miller was tapped to fill Wendy Wulff's seat on the council until Dec. 31, 2010. Miller was later ousted by Matt Little when he ran for re-election on the council.

In the Sun Thisweek report, City Administrator Steve Mielke expects the selection process to take three to five weeks with a new member taking their oath of office in February.

Little's seat on the council goes through Dec. 31, 2014.

In addition to Little's seat, Sun Thisweek also reports that Council Member-elect Doug Anderson will also be vacating a seat on an important board—the city’s Finance Committee. His term on that advisory board ends March 31, 2014, but it's unlikely his seat will be part of a separate process to fill, rather the council will fill it when it fills all the city's committee appointments when they end in March.


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