Re-Roofing Projects Boost Lakeville's August Permit Numbers

Permits issued by the city of Lakeville out paced last year's August, and are significantly up year to date.

According to a August report, permits issued by the  out paced last year's August, and are significantly up year to date.

Accoding to the report, Lakeville issued 369 permits in August, up from 195 in August of last year. The majority of the permits—212 of them—were permits for re-roofing of homes.

The overall permit numbers include all permits issued, including building permits for new home construction, all the way down to permits for home rennovations and even sign permits. The fees generated in August by those permits totaled $89,996.25.

Meanwhile, year to date, the city of Lakeville has issued a total of 3,132 permits totaling $727,887.66. That's an increase of 500 permits over 2011, generating a whopping $240,937.21 more over the first eight months of 2012 than that of 2011.

Most of those dollars come from the more lucrative single family building permits.

Here's a look at previous months:


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