Local Delegate Blogging About His Experiences at Republican National Convention

Local Republican and Ron Paul supporter Eric Goodrich will begin blogging next week about his experiences as a delegate at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla.

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Editor's Note: The following press release is from Eric Goodrich. Goodrich, an Eagan resident, will be blogging about his experiences as a delegate at the Republican National Convention beginning next week. Check back at Eagan Patch for his regular updates.

Eric Goodrich, 37, General Manager for Sodexo Education Services, is among the 77-person delegation (40 delegates and 37 alternates) that will represent Minnesota at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Aug 27-30. 

Goodrich was elected a delegate to the RNC at the Republican Party of Minnesota state convention held in St. Cloud May 18-19.  Goodrich ran as a “Liberty Republican” supporting Texas Congressman Dr. Ron Paul’s presidential campaign. Of Minnesota’s 40 national delegates, at least 32 are Liberty Republicans.

“Bringing the Republican Party back to its roots of fiscal responsibility, limited government, a non-interventionist foreign policy, sound money, and personal liberty is my motivation for being involved in the Republican Party and the RNC,” said Goodrich. “I am part of a movement towards liberty, which will influence our politicians, and our government.”

Although former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is the presumptive Republican nominee, Goodrich says he still plans to cast his vote for Dr. Paul and is hopeful that within convention rules Dr. Paul’s name may be placed in nomination and he is given the opportunity to speak at the convention. Goodrich also said he will support GOP platform planks and resolutions endorsed by Dr. Paul.

“Republicans in the tradition of Robert Taft were very much anti-war. This is something I am very passionate about. We have been at war for the past 10 years and I feel it’s time to bring our troops home,” added Goodrich.  “Republicans were elected to stop the War in Korea, to stop the War in Vietnam; and if America plans on avoiding a financial collapse, we need to address our endless wars, drone strikes, foreign aid, military dictators we prop up, and the military budget spent protecting other Countries which is needed here at home.”

Goodrich is the current Secretary of the Second Congressional District Republican Party and former Deputy Chair of Senate District 38 Republican Party which represents Eagan and parts of Burnsville. Goodrich has been active in political campaigns since he was 8 years old and was a Wisconsin campaign staffer for Pat Buchanan in 1996 during college. 

“Freedom is the natural state of man. Americans have become less free in my own lifetime as government has continued to grow. It is time that ‘We the People’ stood up against ever encroaching government policies. My goal at the RNC is to stand up to the big government-types in the Republican Party and declare my will to ‘live free’. If Americans ever want real change, we need to demand it from our elected leaders,” concluded Goodrich.

Paul August 24, 2012 at 09:46 PM
It'll be nice to have access to real updates from a real person. (I know Eric, though I disagree with some of his positions.) I find it odd how the Ron Paul crowd is so obsessed with military spending, which totals less than 20% of federal spending, when the extra-constitutional spending on questionably-discovered "entitlements" consumes 65% of federal spending. (A third of the remaining 15% covers interest on the accumulated national debt, while less than 1% of total federal spending goes to federally-funded space exploration of all types. That leaves 9% of all federal spending for things like infrastructure, environment, national parks, etc.) If they can get over this bizarre liberal-induced obsession against national defense, and focus on "entitlements" (where the real spending culprits are), then the Ron Paul crowd can garner real and enduring widespread national support. Until then, they remain great champions of smaller government, but with woefully wrong focus. It'll be fascinating to read a real person's blog from the convention. Good for Eagan Patch in advertising this true public service.


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