Primary Results: Who is Moving On to the General Election Ballot?

Lakeville Patch takes a look at all the Primary election results.

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Voters in Lakeville on Tuesday were asked to throw their support behind several candidates in the Primary Election, including local, statewide and national contests.

Results will be particularly interesting in Senate District 57, where two Democratic candidates—Mike Germain and —were looking to run against Republican Pat Hall.

In the end, Clausen won handily, taking 79 percent of the vote to Germain's 21.

Other races included U.S. Senate, Congressional District 2, and Minnesota Supreme Court.

The Primary election is a "party ballot" meaning voters selected their preferred choice of their party to move forward to the Nov. 6 General Election ballot.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar easily won the U.S. Senate DFL Primary. She will face Republican-endorsed Kurt Bills, whose Primary was a bit closer than pundits expected. With all the 98 percent of precincts reporting Tuesday night, Bills was beating David Carlson 51 percent to 35 percent with Bob Carney, Jr., getting 13 percent of the vote.

Rep. John Kline (R-Lakeville) also won his GOP Primary, netting 85 percent of the vote to David Gerson's 15 percent.

In the Minnesota Supreme Court Chief Justice race, incumbent Lorie Skjerven Gildea along with Dan Griffith will move forward to the general election. Skjerven Gildea received nearly 50 percent of the votes, Griffith received about 29 percent of the votes. Jill Clark came in third with approximately 20 percent of the votes.

In the Minnesota Supreme Court Associate Chief Justice Seat 4 race, incumbent David Stras as well as Tim Tingelstad will move forward to the general election. David Stras received about 49 percent of the votes, Tingelstad received approximately 29 percent of the votes. Alan Nelson came in third with about 21percent of the vote.

Candidates who won their primaries or are moving on are listed in bold.

Senate District 57

Candidate Party Votes Vote Percentage Pat Hall Republican 1,937 100% DFL 1,456 78.66%
Mike Germain DFL 395 21.34%

(26 of 26 precincts)

U.S. Senate

Candidate Party Votes Vote Percentage Dick Franson DFL 6,729 3.38% Amy Klobuchar* DFL 180,724 90.80% Jack Edward Shepard DFL 6,547 3.29% Darryl Stanton DFL 5,033 2.53% Kurt Bills  Republican 62,557 51.31% David Carlson Republican 42,930 35.21% Bob Carney Jr. Republican 16,425 13.47% Glen R. Anderson Menze Independence 1,998 40.10% Stephen Williams Independence 2,985 59.90%

(4,037 of 4,102 precincts)

U.S. Representative District 2

Candidate Party Votes Vote Percentage John Kline* Republican 15,859 85.12%
David Gerson Republican 2,772 14.88% Mike Obermueller  DFL 11,629 100%

(291 of 291 precincts)

Minnesota Supreme Court

Candidate Seat Votes Vote Percentage Jill Clark Chief Justice 59,991 20.90% Lorie Skjerven Gildea* Chief Justice 142,769 49.73%
Dan Griffith Chief Justice 84,319 29.37% Alan Nelson Assoc. Justice—SC 4 60,636 21.64% * Assoc. Justice—SC 4 136,991 48.90% Assoc. Justice—SC 4 82,516 29.45%

(4,037 of 4,102 precincts)



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