More Electronic Signs Coming to Lakeville? Council Amends Ordinance

Business in Lakeville can now have electronic signs that display images that change—just not too often.

Lakeville isn't home to many fancy electronic signs. But that could change.

The Star Tribune reports Lakeville's City Council has approved a change to the city's electronic sign ordinance, allowing freestanding electronic signs with images that can change no more often than once a minute.

There are only a few businesses in town that use electronic signs—such as the Lakeville Area Arts Center, and that's not even a business. And it doesn't have images that change, but rather text.

The Lakeville Area Chamber of Commerce was urging even more lax rules for the signs, according to the report, but after some debate, the council moved to allow businesses to erect one sign on its land at intersections, freeway interchanges or along streets in intensive commercial districts, no larger than 40-square-feet in size, and no taller than 15 feet.

In other news, the report also said the council updated the city's mailbox-replacement policy. Now, the city will replace homeowners' mailboxes—up to $125—if its damaged by city plows during the snow- and ice-control season.


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