Minnesota AFL-CIO Endorses Obermueller, House, Senate Candidates

Second Congressional District Democratic candidate Mike Obermueller is challenging Republican Rep. John Kline this year.

Eagan resident Mike Obermueller, who is challenging Rep. John Kline (R), Lakeville, for control of the Second Congressional District this year, nabbed a political endorsement from Minnesota's largest labor federation on Thursday.

The Minnesota AFL-CIO announced Thursday morning that it is endorsing Obermueller, a Democrat and former state representative. Obermueller was just one of Democratic candidates to be named in the AFL-CIO's first round of endorsements. Additional endorsements will be announced in the coming weeks as the endorsement process continues.

"The candidates that carry the Minnesota AFL-CIO endorsement are people we believe will put working families first," Minnesota AFL-CIO President Shar Knutson wrote in a press release. "Minnesota’s 300,000 union members are committed to building a strong economy that works for everyone and are proud to stand for leaders who share middle class values and priorities."

Several other local Democrats, including Will Morgan in 56B, Roberta Gibbons in 57A and Colin Lee in 58A received endorsements in their House races, and Leon Thurman in 56, Greg Clausen in 57, and Andrew Brobston in 58 were endorsed for their Senate races.


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