Letter to the Editor: Holberg Wants Free Ride Back to Legislature

Letter writer: "Colin Lee wants what is best for Lakeville and has worked hard to earn your vote."

To the editor, 

Mary Liz Holberg has been the state representative of the Lakeville area for over 14 years. With each 2-year election she campaigns less and less. Her website hasn't been updated since 2008, and has been a no-show at public appearances. 

Is she just looking for a free ride back into the Legislature?

Colin Lee has knocked on over 1,000 doors this election season. He has talked to many constituents, listened to their concerns, and wants to bring those concerns with him to St. Paul.

Colin Lee wants what is best for Lakeville and has worked hard to earn your vote.

Vote for Colin Lee as your State Representative in 58A!

Chris John, Burnsville

Jim Guttmann November 02, 2012 at 09:42 PM
While I don't doubt that Lee "wants what is best for Lakeville", I am quite certain the same can be said for Rep. Holberg. And since the letter writer doesn't appear to live in this district, they may not be familiar with how hard Rep. Holberg has worked at the Capitol throughout her current term to earn our vote again on Election Day; I find the suggestion that she is somehow looking for a "free ride" to be rather absurd. In deciding how to cast my vote, I find that a candidate's experience, guiding principles, and position on the issues are all much more relevant than the history of their website. I believe the real question for voters to consider is this: who can best represent the values and interests of our district in the Legislature? As a resident of the new district 58A and the old district 36A, my answer is clear: Mary Liz Holberg.
Lisa November 03, 2012 at 12:33 PM
Chris, perhaps you are not familiar with all the things Holberg does for the state and district since you do not live in the district. Rep. Holberg works hard for the people in her district and the state. Your comment that she is in this for a "free ride" is obviously spoken from being uninformed. When my father passed away I was having an big problem getting the survivor benefits from his fire fighter pension for my mother. I final ask Rep. Holberg if she could help. She helped cut through red tape, spoke to the pension administrators to understand the problem and helped me navigate the situation. Without Mary Liz Holberg, my 87 year old mother's life would be very different today. My story is not unique for Holberg.


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