Letter: Bellows gets Republican Nod, He's True Conservative for Mayor

Letter writer: "As a local Republican, I was happy to receive an email from the Lakeville District Republican party that they interviewed and recommended re-electing a True Conservative for Mayor, Mark Bellows."

To the editor,

We all get the post cards, see advertisements, yard signs and even knocks on our door. The election season can’t end soon enough.

Many already made up their minds and are ready to vote Democrat or Republican. But wait, what about our local Mayor race that doesn’t have Republican or Democrat after their name on the ballot? Now what? It’s easy to figure out what party you support and then vote for their candidates, but on local races, it’s more difficult to find the True Conservatives, if you generally favor Republicans.

In Lakeville, even Liberals claim to be “fiscally” conservative. True Conservatives work for more efficient government that is good at the core services a city is expected to do, and limiting the expansion of non-essential items to keep from increasing taxes and balance the budget. As a local Republican, I was happy to receive an email from the Lakeville District Republican party that they interviewed and recommended re-electing a True Conservative for Mayor, Mark Bellows.

Over 12 years I have personally had the chance to talk to current Mayor Mark Bellows and would have voted for him without the Republican Party recommendation. However, for many people it becomes difficult to cut through the often obnoxious signs and advertisements to determine who they would support. In the Mayor’s race all three candidates claim fiscal constraint, but I know Mark Bellows is the only one who has done so consistently. 

The Republican recommendation of Bellows is important because one of the candidates has gone to great lengths to both confuse conservative voters, and deceive me. A volunteer for Matt Little’s campaign knocked on my door this week and wouldn’t answer my question if Matt was Democrat or Republican. I don’t have a problem that he is a liberal, but be honest about it. I’ve learned that he has been supported by liberals from across the country like the director of the AFL-CIO in DC.

If Matt Little can’t be honest, he can’t be trusted.

I support the True Conservative, Mark Bellows for Mayor.

Jon Koznick, Lakeville

Billy November 02, 2012 at 04:53 PM
We talk about fiscally conservative candidates but when I review the proposed 2013 budget we have one expense that standouts and I would love an explanation. 2013 proposed operating expenses are $21.4 million. The largest expense line is the $8.8 million needed for police. 41% of our budget is for the police department! I know this is a double edge sword. This includes 1 chief, 2 captains, 10 sergeants, 6 investigators, 1 narcotics and 33 patrol offices. We have 3.3 patrol officers for each sergeant. This does not include the capital expenses associated with the police station. I know we want a safe and friendly community but the second highest expense line is "streets" at $2.6m - I assume this is road maintenance crew/snow plow drives(non cap-ex). And all we could eliminate in the past two years was lollipops from the liquor store. I assume the police are unionized and banking one he!! of a pension.
parent taxpayer November 02, 2012 at 05:07 PM
"If he can't be honest, he can't be trusted", I think explains one of the reasons the letter writer has a problem with supporting that liberal Little. Scott, you are right and I agree that we need to research the candidates. The Patch just posted a good story about the funding for the local races. To the letter writers point, the campaign reports expose the liberal, partisan influences of the little campaign. I have to agree we should expect our leaders to be forthright and transparent about their ideas and what they stand for. Little is obviously an extreme liberal who can't be honest to the voters. I think all the discourse in the council was planned by him to set up his mayor race, all along trying to buy the Mayors seat with union and democrat money from outside of Lakeville. That is just wrong! Bellows I guess is just straight about his support, why can't others do that?


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