Left Turns From Dodd to County Road 50 to Get a Little Safer

New traffic lights at the intersection will improve safety and traffic flow, according to the city.

If you live in Lakeville, you know the perils of left turns from Dodd Boulevard onto County Road 50.

But an agreement between the city and Dakota County could soon change that.

In April, 's City Council approved a $90,000 plan to revamp the traffic lights at the intersection, adding left-turn arrows to the north and southbound lanes on Dodd. Currently, only County Road 50 traffic has left-turn arrows, making turns from Dodd a bit perilous. Lakeville will split the costs with the county.

Not only will all four directions now have red and green arrows, but they'll also feature a flashing yellow light during non-peak traffic times to allow motorists to turn left after yielding to oncoming motorists. During peak traffic times: turn on green arrow only.

During the meeting where the plan was approved, interim City Engineer Zachary Johnson said arrows help traffic flow in addition to enhancing safety.

The actual construction for the new lights will be finished in August, according to city staff. Bids on the project will be awarded in June.

MJ May 25, 2012 at 03:51 PM
this is great news. Now how about some traffic control at Dodd and Highview? Thats one of the worst intersections in all of Lakeville. Traffic backs up for a long ways on Dodd and then frustrated drivers go through 2 at a time when they get to the stop sign. I've almost been hit multiple times trying to cross Dodd on Highview by drivers who are just done waiting and push their way through when its not their turn. I've called the Police about this intersection and all they tell me is they are 'thinking about' a round-about...
Doreen Machin May 26, 2012 at 06:58 PM
Michelle so true, no right of way to drivers like the one on the right has the first right of way, when one crosses the other crosses opposite direction. I have seen it backed up also & just have to wait for an opening or there would be an accident & no patience is another problem at that intersection, people think they are always in such a hurry & that is when the pile ups happen
Terry Elliott May 27, 2012 at 09:09 AM
Michelle: you are exactly right, but is a traffic circle (what you call here a round-about) the right solution? They'd have to level the interesection-- 2 of the 4 roads are uphill coming into it. They'd have to make it a big circle, not the usual Minnesota tiny cute round-about that is just one big tight turn and no room. (I've seen 4- and 6-lanes ones in Washington, DC where I'm from.) The main thing is enough room to enter, drive, and react. Remember at rush hour 2 or 3 of these lanes are jam-packed at once, and MN drivers don't do well with "patience."
K O May 28, 2012 at 03:05 PM
Just a quick comment, but you mentioned that you have called the Police about Dodd and Highview and "they" are "thinking about" a roundabout. It might be percieved that the police seemed reluctant to do anything when you called or are slow in making changes to our roads. But the Police Department does not have anything to do with these decisions. Try calling the Dakota County Highway Department (since Dodd is a county road) or the Lakeville Streets Department. The County or City Engineers are the professional people who plan and design these roadways and make any changes. Those people should get your feedback.
MJ May 29, 2012 at 01:48 PM
Clarification, the police didnt say 'they' specifically were thinking about a round-about but rather the people in power. I dont think that's the right answer for this intersection. I think a stop light is what is needed here. The police said they would try and monitor the intersection better but i've seen no improvement. Every week that stop sign has 2+ drivers cruise through when its not their turn. One bad afternoon it was a Semi that decided not to stop. I came within inches of being hit, i had to pull over and collect myself, it was that scary. It just kept coming and never stopped. A semi truck will never be able to manuever a round-about so whoever had that idea doesnt realize the amount of semi traffic on that road.


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