Learn More About the Proposed Highway 50-Highway 60 Roundabout

Dakota County and the City of Lakeville have teamed up on a website to provide residents with more information about the proposed roundabout at the intersection of Kenwood Trail and 185th Street.

Editor’s Note: The following information appears on the County 50/County Highway 60 website (www.50and60.com). The website contains information pertaining to the project and to roundabouts, and an animated simulator on how to maneuver through the proposed project area.

The intersection of County Highway 50 (Kenwood Trail) at County Highway 60 (185th Street) is a vital intersection in the ever expanding Dakota County arterial highway system in Lakeville, Minnesota. Due to increasing traffic delays, a study of the intersection was performed in 2011 which identified a multi-lane roundabout as the preferred intersection control method.

The study recommended installation of a multi-lane roundabout based on several advantages in comparison to a signalized intersection:
• Decrease in vehicle delay time at the intersection.
• Lower vehicle speeds, resulting in less severe crashes and increased pedestrian safety.
• Long term overall reduction of crashes.
• Less vehicle operating costs and less construction costs. Decrease in Right-of-Way impacts.

For more details on the current and future operation of the County Highway 50/County Highway 60 intersection, including background information, please reference the 2011 Traffic Study.

Improvements to this intersection will include the widening of County Highway 50 to Jubilee Way to the North, and the widening of County Highway 60 to Orchard Trail to the West.

• Preliminary Engineering: 12/5/11 to Fall 2012
• Public Outreach and Communication: Summer 2012 to Summer 2013
• Final Engineering: Fall 2012 to Winter 2013
• Construction: Spring 2014 to Fall 2014

Editor's Note: Click here to go the County 50/County 60 website.


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