Lakeville Marriage Amendment Opponent Gets 'Personal' at Town Hall

Participants were urged to turn the same-sex marriage debate toward the personal.

Lakeville resident Veda Kanitz' favorite sister is in a committed relationship with another woman.

Paul Melchert met his partner James eight years ago and fell in love while training for a triathlon.

It was stories like these that marriage amendment opponents shared during a town hall meeting in Eagan on Tuesday evening. The meeting, organized by Minnesotans United for All Families and held at their Eagan office, was designed to present and refute the arguments of Minnesota for Marriage, the group supporting the proposed constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage in Minnesota.

Kate Brickman, the press secretary for Minnesotans United, said she wanted to bring together parents, citizens and experts (a pediatrician spoke at the meeting) to talk about how to wage the campaign against the amendment.

"What is going to be said and how are we supporting one another in the face of that and what are the facts?" she asked.

Brickman said the meeting had a focus on rhetoric, and her comments during the meeting echoed the placard posted on the cubicle wall behind her:

Remember...We lost 30 times when we focused on things like Rights, Equality, and Discrimination.

Instead...Focus on how this hurts REAL people.

For more on the meeting, watch our video above.


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