David Gerson Challenges Kline for Republican Endorsement

Gerson made the announcement on Monday.

Credit: Gerson For Congress
Credit: Gerson For Congress
David Gerson announced his candidacy for Minnesota's Second Congressional District on Monday at the State Office Building in St. Paul.

Gerson is seeking the Republican endorsement for the seat, which is currently held by U.S. Rep. John Kline, a Republican.

In a campaign statement, Gerson said Kline's conservatism contrasts with what he describes as Kline's moderate to almost progressive voting record, saying, "How would John Kline justify—in terms of conservative principles—his votes to raise the debt ceiling and bailout failing corporations?"

Gerson ran against Kline in the 2012 primary and received 15 percent of the vote, the Star Tribune reported

His 2012 campaign, Gerson said in a campaign news release, was "primarily to send the message that there are people in the Second District that wanted candidates to live up to the party principles of limited government, free markets and individual rights." 

His 2014 campaign will be different, Gerson said. "This time around, however, my campaign is being taken seriously, and frankly, we're going about the campaign more professionally."

According to the Star Tribune, Gerson said that he has "already spoken at local Republican groups" and "made thousands of calls to activists and primary voters."

He also said that he will abide by the Republican endorsement.

Kline's spokesman, Troy Young, told the Star Tribune: "Congressman Kline will continue fighting for all Minnesotans as their premiums skyrocket or they are losing their health insurance altogether due to the ObamaCare train wreck that is wreaking havoc on our economy."

Mike Obermueller, a Democrat, also plans to run in the Second Congressional District.


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Brent Jacobson December 10, 2013 at 07:54 PM
It is time for someone fresh, new, and different to represent CD2 in Washington DC, that someone should honor the constitution that they swear to uphold when they take the oath of office. The time has come for rotation in office, but it is not time to replace a big government conservative with a big government progressive rubber stamp for the welfare and warfare state. I proudly support David Gerson!


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