City Approves New Rules for Saving Spots at Pan-O-Prog Parade

Lakeville's new ordinance designates the time period during which items can be set out to reserve spots for cruise night and the parade.

From Pan-o-Prog. (file photo).
From Pan-o-Prog. (file photo).
The Lakeville City Council has approved a new ordinance on the practice of saving spots for popular activities during Pan-o-Prog

Residents now wishing to secure favorite spots for the classic car show and the Pan-o-Prog parade can do so starting at 9 a.m. on the day of each event, the Star Tribune reported. Residents must remove all items by 11:59 p.m at the end of each day. The city will remove anything left overnight and provide a time for residents to pick up those items.

“It was born out of the fact that each year people were putting chairs and tape and blankets out earlier and earlier before the cruise night and the Pan-o-Prog parade,” Mayor Matt Little told the Star Tribune.

Little added that he was at first uncertain about supporting the ordinance because saving spots for the events was a tradition in Lakeville. He ultimately agreed that setting such limits would make the experience more enjoyable and fair for everyone.

Read the Star Tribune story here.

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