Texting Driver Crashes, Deer Smashes Truck: Dakota County Sheriff's Newsletter

The latest from Sheriff Dave Bellows.

Pickup truck damaged in deer collision. Credit: "The Front Row" Newsletter.
Pickup truck damaged in deer collision. Credit: "The Front Row" Newsletter.
Dakota County Sheriff Dave Bellows reminds motorists to watch out for deer and of the dangers of texting and driving in the latest edition of "The Front Row" newsletter.

A pickup truck sustained significant damage after the driver hit a deer on County Road 88 in Randolph Township. The deer did not go through the windshield, and the driver was uninjured.

The accident, writes Sheriff Bellows, is "a caution to all drivers that deer continue to be a threat to motorists, especially during low-light times of the day."

In another incident, a driver was cited for careless driving and texting while driving after a crash involving two cars. The driver crashed his car into another car that was stopped for a school bus. He admitted to police that he did not see the car stop because he was texting and driving. 

Said Bellows, "While honesty is a good trait texting is not, and it endangers other motorists and pedestrians."

Read more in the Dakota County Sheriff's Newsletter.


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