Sleeping With Doors Shut is a Good Fire Safety Tip

Department responded to 13 calls for service the week of March 13 through March 20.

Bedroom doors should be kept closed while sleeping. The doors and walls of your home provide an excellent fire and smoke barrier to protect you in the event of a fire. When possible, remember to close doors to prevent fire and smoke from entering the room.

Check the windows to make sure they unlock and open smoothly to a full open position.

Never smoke in bed.

These simple steps can save your life in the middle of the night.

By the Numbers

During the week of March 13, through March 20, the Lakeville Fire Department responded to 13 calls for service, including one smoke scare, two medical calls, one heat from a short circuit, one shorted electrical equipment, six false alarms and two good intent calls.

Terry Elliott March 24, 2011 at 11:25 AM
OK so I have a 0.0000031% chance of a fire happening, but a 75% chance my toddler is going to cry out at night for something, so I'm now supposed to SHUT ALL BEDROOM DOORS?? Next: Why wearing NASCAR fire suits around the house is a great safety tip.


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