Porta-Potty, Dumpster Fires Make for Busy Week: Lakeville Fire Report

From Oct. 1 to Oct. 7, the Lakeville Fire Department responded to 18 calls for service.


From Oct. 1 to Oct. 7, the Lakeville Fire Department responded to 18 calls for service including 1 dryer fire, 1 porta-potty fire, 1 outside equipment fire, 1 garage fire, 1 dumpster fire, 1 unauthorized burn, 1 medical, 3 motor vehicle accidents with injuries, 1 gas leak, 2 good intents and 5 false alarms. 


There’s more to fire prevention than just having two ways out. Use these tips to plan your escape and stay fire safe! 

  • Make a map of your home. Mark a door and a window that can be used to get out of every room. 
  • Choose a meeting place outside in front of your home. This is where everyone can meet once they’ve escaped. Draw a picture of your outside meeting place on your escape plan. 
  • Write the emergency telephone number 911 on your escape plan. 
  • Have a grown-up sound the smoke alarm and practice your escape plan with everyone living in your home. 
  • Keep your escape plan on the refrigerator and remind grown-ups to have your family practice the plan twice a year or whenever anyone in your home celebrates a birthday. 


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