Police: Man Slaps Lakeville Woman, Steals her Purse

The woman had met the man who robbed her in north Minneapolis the night before.

Written by Zac Farber

A 21-year-old Lakeville woman was slapped and robbed of her purse and phone near Highway 7 and Ottawa Avenue in St. Louis Park by a man she had met the night before.

The woman told police she had “partied all night” on Nov. 22 somewhere in north Minneapolis by with a group of four young men and women whose last names she didn’t know.

One of the women had driven the group around in her silver Buick LeSabre the morning of Nov. 23, stopping somewhere for food.

While driving east on Highway 7, one of the men was on the phone and said he was planning on dropping the Lakeville woman off before pulling over onto Ottawa Avenue.

The woman began arguing with the man, saying she didn’t want to be dropped off.

The man then told her to give him her phone and credit card and started to yank on her purse.

When the woman wrapped the purse around herself, the man slapped her several times in the face until she let it go. Inside the purse was the woman’s iPhone 5, registered in her aunt’s name, a credit card and an EBT card.

The other man, who she knew as “Scooby,” then pulled her out of the car from the middle seat.

A man working nearby let the woman sit in his truck until police arrived.

Neither the man nor the woman could remember the car’s license plate number.


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