Lakeville PD Hosts Crime Scene Photography Class

The class, held earlier this month, focused on elements needed to take photographs of evidence.

Credit: Lakeville Police Department, Jan. 17 "Breezes" newsletter
Credit: Lakeville Police Department, Jan. 17 "Breezes" newsletter
Former and current Lakeville police staff taught a crime scene photography class at the Lakeville Police Department earlier this month.

The focus of crime scene photography, writes Sgt. John Kornmann in Breezes, "is to capture evidence and document facts of a scene." Kornmann served as Lakeville's interim police chief until recently.

Photos generally include a ruler to show scale and require such as elements as proper lighting, shutter speed and aperture. 

Kornmann explained the effect of the photo above:

"This photograph was taken during the training session. The garage was completely dark at the time. The red stripes are created using a laser pointer and an open lens with the camera mounted on a tripod. The rest of the light can be provided by camera flash, flashlight or any other light source."

Lakeville Officer Mike Katzovitz and Minnesota BCA Agent Janet Nelson (formerly of the Lakeville Police Department) taught the class. 


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