Lakeville Fire Department Handled 16 Incidents Last Week

Lakeville Fire discusses electric blanket safety tips.


From Dec. 24 to Dec. 30, the Lakeville Fire Department responded to 16 calls for service including 1 medical, 2 carbon monoxide incidents, 1 arching/shorted electrical equipment, 1 unauthorized burning, 2 good intents and 9 false alarms. 

Electric blanket safety tips to help survive those cold nights:

  • If the blanket gets wet, do not turn it on to dry it
  • When not in use, roll the blanket instead of folding it to ensure that the wires will not be damaged
  • Discontinue use if any of the following apply: wires are poking out of the material, the fabric is unraveling or if burnt patches of fabric are visible
  • If the blanket is over ten years old, replace it

Stay safe and warm for the New Year!


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