Lakeville Driver Flees Crash on Foot, Chased Down by Other Driver

Drunk driver rear-ended a truck then fled scene on foot. Other driver got out and chased down the suspect, according to police.

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People often think that drunk driving is something that happens late at night after the bars close, but that is not always the case. Police officers know that people drink and drive at all times of the day and night and that drunk drivers often cause serious crashes with other vehicles in both the day and night, as happened one day last week in this case. 

Officer Doyle Cockrell was working the dayshift when he responded to a “hit and run” crash on Dodd Boulevard near the intersection of Franchise Way. When Officer Cockrell arrived on the scene, he found that a car had rear ended a large commercial water truck. The driver of the car, who had suffered superficial injuries, got out of his damaged vehicle and attempted to run away from the scene of the crash, across a field that was adjacent to the roadway. 

Unfortunately for the fleeing driver, the driver of the commercial water truck, who was uninjured in the crash, jumped out of his truck and gave chase across the field. The truck driver caught up with the fleeing driver quickly and returned the him to the scene of the crash and detained him, until the officers’ arrival. 

Officer Cockrell and the assisting officers took custody of the fleeing driver and soon learned why he didn’t want to remain at the crash scene. The officers found that the driver was intoxicated and that his driver’s license was not valid. The driver also admitted to using marijuana and drinking before the crash. The fleeing driver was arrested and transported to the Dakota County Jail pending formal charges for the traffic and DUI violations. 

In speaking with the witnesses to the crash, the officers learned that the subject car was traveling at such a high rate of speed that it literally ran into the rear of the water truck, as the truck was traveling down the roadway at normal speed. The car was totaled in the crash and the truck was damaged. The time of the call was 1:43 p.m. in the afternoon. 


Officer Sarah Parr was working the overnight shift one night recently when she responded to a report of a one vehicle rollover crash on Kenrick Avenue. When Officer Parr arrived on the scene she found a grey vehicle off the roadway resting upside down on its roof. Officer Parr was able to learn from the driver of the vehicle that she lost control and went on the gravel shoulder and the vehicle rolled over. The driver was wearing her seatbelt and escaped serious injury in spite of the significant damage to the car. The damaged vehicle was towed from the scene. 


After a few years of hard work and determined study, Officer Mike Katzovitz graduated from Concordia University this past week with a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice Leadership. Our congratulations go out to Officer Katzovitz on his academic achievement. 


Sampling of LPD activity for the week of Aug. 21-28, 2012 

Traffic crashes: Alarms: 40 Animal Calls: 71 Medical Emergency Calls: 22 Thefts: 38 Traffic Stops: 269


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