Dumb Criminal: Woman Arrested for DUI had Active DWI Warrant

Woman arrested for DUI happened to have an active arrest warrant for—you guessed it—DUI.

Officer Adam Stier stopped a vehicle for a license plate violation after running a routine computer check on the plate one night this week. While speaking with the driver, the driver displayed indications that she was under the influence of alcohol.

Officer Stier requested that the driver perform a field sobriety test. The driver attempted to complete the test, but showed obvious signs of intoxication. Officer Stier arrested the driver for DUI and a subsequent breath test indicated that the driver was over twice the legal limit for intoxication.

The driver was also found to have a revoked driver’s license and an active arrest warrant out of Hennepin County for DWI. The driver was placed in Dakota County Jail pending formal charges and the vehicle was impounded.

The original license plate violation on the vehicle causing Officer Stier to stop the car- the license plates were not valid due to a previous DUI arrest. 


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