Dumb Criminal(s): Dead Battery Forces Thieves to Ask Victim for Help

Two men stealing scrap metal from a Lakeville business are forced to ask a worker from the business for help when their getaway truck has a dead battery.

Officers responded to a business late one night this week on a call of two subjects stealing metal from the back of the business. The officers arrived on scene and located and detained the two suspects, who had their vehicle and a large trailer full of scrap metal parked on the back side of the building by the loading docks. 

The officers investigating the crime discovered the two suspects had pulled their vehicle in behind the business and loaded the metal belonging to the business onto their trailer. When the two got back in their vehicle to leave, they discovered that their truck would not start as it had a dead battery, so they were stuck at the scene with all the stolen metal loaded on their trailer. 

Incredibly, the two hapless thieves then knocked on the loading dock door of the business. An employee came to the door and the two suspects asked to borrow a set of jumper cables to get their truck going. The employee saw the truck and the two at the back door in the middle of the night and recognized right away that the two were up to no good. The employee immediately called the PD to report the theft in progress and the officers arrived a short time later and arrested the two suspects. The two suspects were charged with the attempted theft of metal.


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