Dumb Criminal: Roof of Limo No Place to Be When Drunk

Woman was mad at two men, so she climbed on top of limo until police arrived and convinced her to come down.

Officer Jai Hanson responded to a disturbance call in a residential area at 3a.m. one day last week. When Officer Hanson arrived at the location, he found a woman, who appeared intoxicated, sitting on the roof of a limo with two men attempting to get her to come down from the roof of the car.

The men told Officer Hanson that they had given the woman a ride home from a bar downtown and that she had apparently lost her phone and was blaming them. The woman had been assaultive to the men and damaged the car getting on the roof.

The woman was uncooperative but Officer Hanson was eventually able to convince her to get off the roof of the limo. A portable breath test indicated that the woman was intoxicated and was over twice the legal limit.

The woman was cited and placed in the Detoxification Center. 


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