Dumb Criminal: Passenger 'Forgets' Name, Driver Goes to Jail

Lakeville Police stopped a vehicle for multiple minor traffic violations recently. When the driver borrowed his passenger's ID, the passenger was forced to forget his name to help cover it up.

Officer Adam Stier stopped a vehicle for multiple minor traffic violations late one night recently. When he walked up to the vehicle, the driver (whose driver’s license was revoked) gave Officer Stier the passenger’s driver’s license as identification.

Officer Stier talked with the driver for a few minutes and then walked around the vehicle and asked the passenger for his driver’s license. The passenger said he did not have it with him. Officer Stier asked the passenger for his name and date of birth. The passenger replied to the question with, “Ryan and then, after a pause, Gary?” as if he did not know his own name.

Officer Stier told the passenger that most people readily know their own name and he thought he was lying. The passenger then admitted that he had given his license to the driver and gave Officer Stier his real name. The driver was placed in Dakota County Jail on traffic and driver’s license charges and the passenger was issued a citation and released at the scene.


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