Dumb Criminal: Man Loitering at Business Trying to Sell Meth Arrested

A man with an arrest warrant was loitering in front of a Lakeville business—likely trying to solicit drug buyers.

A local business called the dispatch center on a suspicious individual loitering at about 10 p.m. one night this week.

Officers Josh Berkebile and Brad Wubben responded to the location to investigate. Upon arrival, they located the individual and identified him and found he had an active arrest warrant.

The officers arrested the subject and placed him in Dakota County Jail. The next morning employees from the business called back and reported that the arrested subject had left two bags at the location. Officer Hokanson responded and took custody of the bags and returned to the Police Station to put the bags in the property room.

While inventorying the contents of the two bags, Officer Hokanson found numerous papers identifying the bags as belonging to the arrested suspect and, unfortunately for the suspect, several containers of suspected methamphetamine.

Felony charges for possession of narcotics will be pursued on the suspect, pending the outcome of the analysis of the drugs. 


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