Dumb Criminal: Man Cited Twice in 15 Minutes for Having Invalid ID

After citing man for having an invalid license, the suspect went home, changed vehicles, and was cited again by the same officer less than 15 minutes later.

Officer Troy Hokanson stopped a pickup truck for a traffic violation one morning last week and found that the driver of the vehicle did not have a valid license.

Officer Hokanson issued the driver a citation for the violation and allowed the driver to park his pickup truck rather than have it towed, since the driver’s residence was only a short distance away. Officer Hokanson released the driver at 10:34 a.m., advising him not to drive again until he obtained a valid license. The driver walked away and Officer Hokanson returned to his patrol duties. 

At 10:48 a.m., Officer Hokanson observed a car traveling down the roadway with the driver who he had just released now driving the car. Officer Hokanson confirmed that it was the same individual and stopped the car. The driver was issued a second ticket and this time Officer Hokanson towed and impounded his car. 


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