Dumb Criminal: In Hurry to Get to Traffic Court, Driver Causes Crash

Driver in a hurry to get to traffic court made an illegal U-Turn and caused a crash.

Officer Rick Bussler responded to a property damage crash on Dodd Boulevard one day this week that occurred when a driver made an illegal U-turn in the roadway and was struck by an oncoming car.

The errant driver was impatient to get to an appointment in Apple Valley and did not want to wait in traffic backed up at the intersection of Dodd Boulevard and Highview Avenue. The impatient driver pulled into the opposing lane of traffic to make the U-turn, causing the traffic crash.

Officer Bussler issued the driver a traffic citation for the Improper Change of Course traffic violation.

The appointment that the impatient driver was in such a hurry to get to in Apple Valley - Traffic Court


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