Dumb Criminal: Dead End Street Thwarts Driver Fleeing Lakeville Police

Driver thinks he ditched police only to turn down a dead end street.

Officer Adam Stier stopped a vehicle one night recently for going over the center line. While Officer Stier was walking up to the vehicle, the vehicle sped off. Officer Stier was able to run back to his car and follow the fleeing vehicle.

The fleeing driver, thinking that he had made good his escape, drove one block and then turned down a street. Unfortunately, for the fleeing driver, he had turned down a dead end street. When the roadway came to an end, the fleeing driver jumped out of the car and began running on foot. Officer Stier was able to quickly catch up with the fleeing driver and take him into custody.

The driver, who was placed in Dakota County Jail, is facing multiple traffic charges including, Fleeing a Police Officer. 


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