Letter to the Editor: Little Leads on Public Safety

Support Matt Little for Lakeville Mayor in November election.

To the editor:

We and our two boys are glad to have made Lakeville our home for the past 11 years. What attracted us to this city were the excellent public schools, the friendly people and the sense of security. 

We vote for public officials who understand the importance of public safety issues, and we feel that Matt Little has the strongest public safety record of all the mayoral candidates.

Matt fought through resistance to fill a police records assistant to help keep the police officers on the streets. He felt so strongly about this position that he offered to give up part of his city councilor salary to fund it.

Safe roads and streets are an integral part to overall public safety, and Matt has been responsive in that area, too. He worked to pass a comprehensive plan that repaired Lakeville streets that were over four decades old. During his council campaign, he pushed for left-turn signals at Dodd Boulevard and County Road 50, which will be installed soon. We’re glad this project is going forward because we pass through this intersection nearly every day.

Matt’s leadership on public safety is just one of many reasons he’s got our vote for mayor this November.

Chris and Lori Bovitz, Lakeville


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