Letter to the Editor: Vote For Terry Lind For School Board

Letter writer: Terry Lind's "dedication to the families of ISD 194 is unmatched as evidenced by his 43 years of service and continued involvement in the activities of today’s students."

To the Editor, 

I am writing to encourage support for Terry Lind for Lakeville School Board. My husband and I had four children go through Lakeview Elementary while Terry was Principal and feel he is an excellent leader of both students and staff. 

His dedication to the families of ISD 194 is unmatched as evidenced by his 43 years of service and continued involvement in the activities of today’s students. Terry was always the first to enter the school in the morning and the last to leave each day. He greeted the children at the door, was regularly visible to the students in the classrooms and was present at every school function without fail. 

I had the privilege to work at Lakeview Elementary for the last four years of Terry’s career. His leadership style was collegial as he often sought input from staff before making changes. He provided an environment where staff felt comfortable approaching him with any issues they needed addressed, knowing they would feel heard and receive a response.  He was budget-conscious and encouraged all to use resources wisely. He was a staunch advocate of students.  He would often say, “We are here to do the right thing for these kids”, and did everything possible to foster an environment most conducive to learning. 

He was selfless with his time, openly welcoming students and families into his office, frequently skipping meals, if it meant he was helping someone. He was also generous with his commendations, never missing an opportunity to make a child feel that they were important in the life of Lakeview Elementary School. 

Terry continues to be extremely active in the Lakeville Schools through his grandchildren, who attend at the elementary and middle school levels. Terry cares very deeply for the students and families here. He knows this community, understands the educational and financial needs of our community and would be a valuable asset to the Lakeville School Board. He is ready to continue to do the right thing for our kids.

Barbara Sabal, Lakeville

Sarah Stowell October 03, 2012 at 03:17 AM
I agree! Terry is everything you said Barb. He proved it at the school board forum tonight with answers that were intelligent and thoughtful. Definitely has my vote!


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