Letter to the Editor: Vote for Laurie Rieb for Mayor

Letter writer: "Laurie does what needs to be done to help her community continue to grow and be healthy and vital."

To the editor,

I am pleased to offer my support to Laurie Rieb in her quest to become the next mayor of Lakeville. 

Laurie has been a strong advocate for Lakeville, where she has lived for 25 years.  She is an eight year member of the Lakeville Convention & Visitor’s Bureau Board of Directors, and a twelve year member of both the Lakeville Chamber of Commerce and the Downtown Lakeville Business Association. There are those people who talk about what needs to be done, and there are those who do what needs to be done. Laurie does what needs to be done to help her community continue to grow and be healthy and vital.

With six years of experience on the Lakeville Planning Commission, and as a twelve year member of the Lakeville City Council, she has gained much insight into the needs, and wants, of the community. Laurie understands the responsibilities involved in being Mayor, and is willing to dedicate the time and effort needed. She does not have a political agenda. Her goal is to do what is best for the people and the businesses of Lakeville.       

I am a 20+ year Lakeville resident and was the owner of The Chart House Restaurant from 1981- 2005. I have personally worked with Laurie, on numerous occasions, when she was a Chairperson for the Lewis House Women’s Charity Golf Tournament. I found her to be organized, have good leadership skills, and a personality that lends itself well in dealing with all kinds of people and situations. She has the dedication, drive and constructive leadership we need to move forward in a positive direction 

I strongly believe that Laurie Rieb, with her strength of character and positive work ethic, is the person we need representing our interests.

Please join me at the polls and elect Laurie Rieb for Lakeville Mayor.  

Frank Schoeben, Lakeville


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