Letter to the Editor: Terry Lind For Lakeville School Board

Letter writer: "When Terry says he believes in 'engaging the community to work through the challenges ahead,' he will do just that."

To the editor,

If you are a parent with students currently in Lakeville schools, then I urge you to vote for Terry Lind for school board. Terry will make an excellent addition to the school board, bringing fresh ideas, along with his expertise of the inner workings of our district. When Terry says he believes in “engaging the community to work through the challenges ahead,” he will do just that. 

I had the privilege to work along side Terry at Lakeview Elementary as an active member of the PTO and Parent Advisory Council.  We moved to this community six years ago in the middle of a school year.  I will never forget Terry looking at my nervous 1st grader and telling him “I have the perfect teacher in mind for you, would you like to meet her?”  That simple gesture told me so much about Terry without even knowing him.  I knew from that first day students came first to Terry.  For the next four years, I saw Terry in action and he truly was a “walk along side you” principal no matter if you were a student, parent, staff or visitor.  Not one school event or PTO meeting went by without Terry present. 

Terry will listen and actually hear our concerns as parents.  Terry is concerned about the growing class sizes and budget cuts and wants to see Lakeville remain a school district that draws families to want to live here, just like us 6 years ago.  Lakeville schools have always been some of the best and I know that Terry will bring his experience and expertise to help Lakeville stay on track as a top ranked district. 

Your vote for Terry Lind DOES count and I guarantee you he will walk alongside parents in this community, he’ll listen and form his recommendations around the best interests of our students.  

Laura Taylor, Lakeville


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