Letter to the Editor: Matt Little for Mayor

2011 Lakeville graduate says Matt Little is a dedicated City Council Member who he's "come to greatly admire and respect."

To the editor:

Last week I had to decide whether to vote at college in Pennsylvania or right here at home in Lakeville. My decision was easy. I’ve come to love this community and know that if we elect good leadership, our town can flourish amidst the most difficult times. That is why my vote for Mayor is .

Matt is a dedicated City Council Member who I’ve come to greatly admire and respect. I first met Matt because he spent his Saturdays waking up early and devoting his day to helping students, like myself, learn the valuable lessons of debate. The determination to give back to debate is revealing of Matt’s character. He is a servant leader, one who devotes his time and passion to causes that better our community like debate, education and the safety of our residents.

I got to know Matt much better when we both became involved in the budget cuts faced. Matt was an innovative thinker and a strong advocate as we pushed for a solution that preserved our after-school programs. I know that Matt’s leadership will yield fresh, creative, grounded ideas that will move Lakeville in the right direction.

Matt Little has inspired me to stay involved and give back to Lakeville. With his dedication to our community and his inclusion of younger people, like myself, Matt is the candidate I will be supporting for Mayor.

Dylan Slinger, Lakeville graduate 2011

Patrick Petersen September 04, 2012 at 08:13 PM
Billy, although a lot of your points could be considered correct, I would disagree on your statement about a "twenty-something with 'little' experience". I have followed Matt through the last few years when he was new to the City Council. As a twenty-something myself, I have been able to reach out to him via the means that I deem appropriate; Facebook, Twitter, and at events. Although you may think he doesn't know because he doesn't own a home, what exactly does that have to do with being mayor? He has knocked on more doors in the last few months than one can imagine, so I consider him to be in touch with the homeowners. There are also a lot of successful twenty-something CEOs. Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Chad Hurley (Youtube), Matt Mullenweg (WordPress), and Pete Cashmore (Mashable) are just among the few that you have heard of. I don't hear about those CEOs involved in scandals or affairs? It seems as to they might be a LITTLE more passionate about their future. As a twenty-something voter and homeowner, I thank you Billy for verifiying why my vote will be for Little.
Billy September 05, 2012 at 11:11 AM
You are going to compare Matt Little to Zuckerberg. That is laughable. However to answer your question, being a homeowner in Lakeville is a symbol of loyalty to the city, an ability to understand the financial impact of the city's property taxes, the city's special assessments to specific neighborhoods for street repair, park infrastructure, city code enforcement for neighbors, etc. Little also lacks managerial experience and the ability to work in a group setting, hence the immaturity of him and bellows. He has the ability to knock on doors because he has no other real-life adult responsibilities during summer break from law school. Get some real life experience and not just text book experience. Our industrial sector doesn't want Little and without our industrial sector, out tax burden will skyrocket.
Patrick Petersen September 06, 2012 at 03:45 PM
Billy, again, I appreciate your comments and your passion for your beliefs. It is not laughable that I compared Matt to Mark. It is laughable that you believe that because someone is older they will make a better leader. Years alive, jobs held, offices held, elections experienced, does not make a quality leader. You are suggesting that as a homeowner, a professional, and a college grad; that I am qualified for the mayor job. There is one problem. I lack the PASSION it takes to be an elected official. I do believe that Matt Little is the right person for the job because he has the passion and desire to make Lakeville a better place. I am saddened to talk with my neighbors and hear about how Lakeville used to be and it is not like that today. Matt is going to continue to use his unique leadership approach and improve Lakeville. Billy, I am going to agree to disagree with you. I sincerely hope you have completely thought through your decision and the impact for the future generations.
Billy September 07, 2012 at 02:58 AM
You and your buddy are fooled by naivety
Klaus Schneegans September 22, 2012 at 04:21 PM
@ Patrick; Your comments are interesting and show that you want what we all want and that is a great community to live in. I do believe that we need to have transparency, openness and honesty about our positions as the first rule of living together and as a cornerstone of leadership. Matt Little certainly shows a commitment to these principals when it comes to other people, yet when it comes to his own affiliations and positions he is not at all clear - in fact, I believe he is trying to hide where he stands - knowing that the majority of Lakeville voters would not approve of seeing him with his union supporters. You can't have it both ways, if you do believe in the union cause and take money from them, don't tell us you are a conservative. It is imposible for you to be both! Don't get me wrong, I think it's fine not to be conservative - some of my favorit neighbors are liberals - but be honest about it. Convince the taxpayers that their interest is best served by a guy who is sponsored by those he will be supervising and negotiating with. If they think that will improve their quality of life in Lakeville and that it will represent their interest most effectively, they will elect Matt Little, if not, they won't. Just be transparent and honest about where you stand!


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