Letter to the Editor: Matt Little Can Form Partnerships

Letter writer: Despite Matt Little's age "he is widely respected and listened to by officials from other cities."

To the editor,

As a City Councilor in a neighboring city, I’d like to give an outsiders perspective on Matt Little. Despite his age, he is widely respected and listened to by officials from other cities. He and I frequently discuss issues ranging from urban chickens to municipal liquor. We often disagree but Matt has an ability that is not common among elected officials.  He never takes an argument personally. We can have a robust argument about why each of us is wrong and shake hands at the end of the conversation. Many of these discussions have helped me to understand the other side, which has resulted in better policy in the City of Farmington.

Candidates talk a lot about creating partnerships to save money.  These partnerships are only formed if people can work together. In representing the City of Lakeville, Matt Little has consistently shown his professionalism, intelligence, and ability to find common ground.

If you are looking for a true ambassador to represent Lakeville, I encourage you to seek more information on Matt and what he stands for."

Jason Bartholomay, Councilmember, City of Farmington


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