Letter to the Editor: Lakeville Deserves More Than a Little Leadership

Letter writer: Does Little have the experience to lead Lakeville? No. But Mark Bellows does.

To the editor:

We all have some important and serious decisions to make this election cycle. Our local elections are just as important as the state and national elections. We are fortunate here in Lakeville because I believe we have clear choices, particularly for the Mayor.

I  have read letters criticizing Matt Little for being young, we can not criticize him for his age. But, do we want a student running our city? He does not have any management experience; do we want our city to be his training ground? I have read about his background as Regional Field Coordinator for the National Association of Letter Carriers, the Deputy Director in Ohio at AFL-CIO and the debate Coach in Rosemount High School. Is that the business and life experience required to make tough decisions like perhaps cutting city jobs, if necessary? Is that the right experience for the Mayor of Lakeville?

I can criticize Little for not being straight with the people. When asked about his views on issues in the forum he has chosen, social media, he asks to meet for coffee instead of allowing all the citizens to read his thoughts about his views.

We have a great city that Mayor Bellows has helped cultivate and create the 19th best place to live. 

Let’s keep the momentum going. Lakeville deserves BIG Leadership more than a Little leadership.

Lisa Schneegans, Lakeville

Concerned for Lakeville September 26, 2012 at 01:18 PM
I completely agree that Lakeville is in a time that we cannot afford to have a "career politician" who doesn't pay taxes, is still a student and just plain does not have any life experience to run this great city. Matt, you seem to be a nice kid but you need to find another town/village to get your experience that you so desire. Let's not automatically jump to Mayor Bellows to be the next best choice. He is clearly be "influenced" by a small group of Lakeville individuals (as seen by the Letter to the Editor letters - they are all in that group!) and doesn't even want to run this term but is feeling the pressure to do so. I think we see what he does when he feels pressured...he doesn't make decisions for himself. And let's also not overlook that he is a pastor at a church known for helping individuals get back on their feet in times of trouble. That is to be commended...wait...wasn't he the very "Pastor" who publicly tore apart the former mayor when she was the very type of individual he claims to help?!?! I say that Laurie Rieb is who should get the votes. A pastor not above kicking somoene when they are down? A college student using the City of Lakeville to learn how to be a politician? How about someone who has devoted the past how many years to the City Council, 360 Communities, her church, Rotary, etc? Seems like we are overlooking the obvious candidate.....
Billy September 26, 2012 at 03:01 PM
Laurie needs to get out there and tell us who she is. She may be the best canidate but we know nothing about her or what she wants to do. Additionally, I feel Laurie will pull votes from Bellows and catapult Little as mayor which would be the worse case scenario.
Charlie Gerk September 26, 2012 at 05:30 PM
I would disagree with what you have said about Mark and Holly. Mark never attacked Holly, the papers attacked Holly. Rightly so. Her husband was guilty, as is recently shown. And to think she didn't know what he had done is crazy. Can you imagine if she had been mayor when he plead guilty, our town would have looked like fools and smashed all over the local, state and even national news. I think either Bellows of Rieb will be good mayors. Rieb and Bellows have responded to my few questions and emails I have sent to the council (all members actually responded with the exception of Swecker) But I do not know much about Rieb.


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