Letter to the Editor: Kerrin Swecker For Lakeville City Council

Letter writer: Kerrin Swecker "understands the responsibilities of this position, and is willing to dedicate the time and effort needed."

Letter to the editor,

I am pleased to offer my support to Kerrin Swecker in her quest for re-election to the Lakeville City Council. 

Kerrin has lived in Lakeville for over 20 years. Her five years of experience on the Lakeville Planning Commission gave her much insight into the needs, and wants, of the community. These are challenging times and there will continue to be difficult decisions to be made by the Lakeville City Council. Kerrin has been a member of the Lakeville City Council since 2007. She understands the responsibilities of this position, and is willing to dedicate the time and effort needed. I believe Kerrin is the type of person who will continue to serve the Lakeville community well.  

I am a twenty plus year Lakeville resident and was the owner of The Chart House Restaurant from 1981- 2005. I’ve known Kerrin for eight years, and have found her to be a strong and competent woman, who is not easily intimidated.  She knows the right questions to ask, and does not rashly proceed without consideration of the issue. Kerrin possesses the kind of constructive leadership we need to move forward in a positive direction 

I strongly believe that Kerrin Swecker, with her integrity and strong work ethic, is the person we need representing our interests.

Please join me at the polls and re-elect Kerrin Swecker to the Lakeville City Council.  

Frank Schoeben, Lakeville


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