Letter to the Editor: Colin Lee Will Work For All of Us

Letter writer: "If Colin Lee was willing to work with Republican legislators to improve the condition of our state as a concerned citizen, imagine what he would do as a State Representative."

To the editor,

In today’s partisan climate it is not common to see politicians working across the aisle to improve policy for all Minnesotans. Second time endorsed DFL candidate Colin Lee, of Lakeville, running for State Representative in 58A, has already proven he would do just that.  

In 2011 Colin, as a concerned citizen, reached out to Republican Representatives Jim Abeler and Pat Garofalo to bring attention to an issue regarding HMO’s over-billing the state on Medicaid invoices. Colin’s initiative led to the Health and Human Services Committee holding a hearing and ultimately led to our state’s HMO Medicaid program being audited.

If Colin Lee was willing to work with Republican legislators to improve the condition of our state as a concerned citizen, imagine what he would do as a State Representative.  

To me it proves that Colin believes we as Minnesotans are all in this together. If elected to the state house I believe Colin will continue to work with anyone and everyone, no matter their political affiliation, to ensure he produces legislation that is best for all Minnesotans.

Chris John, Burnsville

smitty September 27, 2012 at 03:52 PM
I've met Colin Lee and he is a thoughtful, serious person who would represent us well. I think his opponent, Mary Liz Holberg, has been in the legislature long enough and its time for some new representation.
Jim Guttmann September 27, 2012 at 10:54 PM
Actually, there is ample evidence of Rep. Holberg already working across party lines to improve policy for all Minnesotans. For one example, her 2011 legislation that modified child care CPR requirements (commonly referred to as “Hannah’s Law”) was co-authored by members of both parties. The bill passed both the House and Senate on unanimous votes and was ceremoniously signed into law by Governor Dayton. As another example, she recently reached out to colleagues including Rep. Joe Atkins (D-Inver Grove Heights) for help in forming a bipartisan group of legislators to better protect Minnesotans’ private data. In discussing that effort, Atkins referred to Holberg as “the Minnesota House’s foremost expert” in this area and said that he is “looking forward to working with her on this important issue”. I believe the question for voters of district 58A to consider is not so much who would be capable of working with others, or who will produce legislation that benefits all Minnesotans. The bigger question is, who can best represent the interests and priorities of our district at the state capitol? To that question I answer: Mary Liz Holberg.
smitty September 28, 2012 at 04:29 AM
Hey Jim, thanks for your reply. I didn't fact-check your statements but if they are true I appreciate the input and will stand corrected. But if I use your criteria of who could best represent my interests and priorities as a member of the district, I'd still choose Colin Lee. I think these two ballot measures -- defining marriage and requiring a voter ID -- are ridiculous and a huge waste of taxpayer dollars. Rep. Holberg voted for both, yes? I'd like the government out of the business of telling people how to live their lives. I also think voter ID is a solution in search of a problem -- enforcing this amendment will be very costly to the state and will definitely disenfranchise people. I admit to a "throw the bums out" attitude when it comes to the Republicans this time around, fueled by these silly amendments, the party's financial mismanagement of its own affairs (threatened eviction for a year of non-payment of rent) and the messy handling of the Amy Koch sex scandal -- we all have human frailties, but I think the situation was handled especially badly and left us taxpayers -- again -- with the legal bills. Sadly, there is no room in the current Republican party for center-right members (Durenberger, Carlson, Quie). The DFL tent was stayed big enough/diverse enough to take the refuges in. Time to clean house on the Republicans so they can . Holberg is part of it, and as I said originally, she's been in long enough. Time for someone new.
Jim Guttmann September 29, 2012 at 12:51 AM
Hi smitty. Thanks for your comments, too. With regard to fact-checking my statements, the records on “Hannah’s Law” can be found at the legislature’s web site; look for HF235, chief authored by Rep. Holberg and ultimately signed into law as Chapter 23 in May 2011. The statements made by Rep. Atkins can be found in his Local Voices article titled “Privacy Awareness Week”, posted to the Inver Grove Heights Patch website on August 25, 2012. My philosophy is to vote for individuals – not parties. I don’t hold Rep. Holberg responsible for either the mismanagement of Republican Party finances or the handling of personal transgressions of another legislator in another body. And while I don’t always agree with every position she (or for that matter, anyone else) takes, I do believe she will best represent what I think are some of the most important priorities for our district and our state: keeping taxes under control, holding government accountable for its spending, and respecting individual privacy rights. In my opinion, Rep. Holberg has shown that she can hold true to these principles and still work quite effectively with all legislators in ways that benefit all Minnesotans. That is why I support Mary Liz Holberg for state representative and urge other voters of district 58A to do the same.


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