Web Fun: 'Like' Lakeville Patch on Facebook, Destroy My Co-Workers

How you can help me destroy and humiliate the fine, upstanding people who help make the Dakota County Patches what they are.

My fellow Patch editors in the south suburbs of Dakota County are some of the nicest, most inherently decent, upstanding professionals I have ever had the privilege to call peers.

I must destroy them all. Yes, destroy them.

's Facebook page must have the most fans in all the land. And that means we must clobber the competition upside the wireless mouse.

"Like" Lakeville Patch on Facebook

Each Patch has a Facebook fan page where people who have clicked "like" on the page can come read the news, talk over issues in town with their neighbors, and even share photos or links.

In some cases, it's more convenient for readers to get the news and chat with neighbors on Facebook. No doubt we'd love for you to visit Lakeville Patch seven times a day, but that's probably not realistic. Facebook? Admit it, you're on there all the time.

"Like" Lakeville Patch on Facebook

Lakeville Patch currently has 6944 Facebook likes. As was foretold by the prophets who will go unnamed, it will have the most Facebook likes of all the Patches in the region.

The only things standing between me and my destiny are my lovely, wonderful co-workers. They've gotta go.

"Like" Lakeville Patch on Facebook

I've made a hit list of eight of the friends and co-workers I must destroy to claim my rightful place as... guy with the most Patch Facebook fans in Dakota County.

The good news: your Lakeville Patch is second in all the land. The bad news, Northfield Patch (yes, really) is beating us—beating Lakeville—with 1,055 likes. That's just ... well, totally unacceptable.

The HIT LIST (remember, Lakeville Patch is at 694):

Click on the photos in this article to meet my friend/foes, see the target numbers I have to hit and, after you're done, remember to...

"Like" Lakeville Patch on Facebook

Oh, and when you've done that, sign up for the Lakeville Patch daily newsletter to be sent to your inbox. It's all things Lakeville and includes breaking news alerts ... and it's free.

David Henke May 21, 2012 at 08:29 PM
I don't need a wedding to defeat you, Derrick! Prepare to feel the wrath of Eagan Patch!
Allison Wickler May 22, 2012 at 01:25 PM
It's very nice that you called me lovely. But "As was foretold by the prophets"? I believe Apple Valley is going to bring your ego back down to size, sir: http://patch.com/A-t1w6


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