Dumb Criminal: Driver Gives Fake Name to Police, Cop Not Fooled

Your drivers license photo comes up when police run a registration check on a car. Suspect lied about his name anyway.

Adam Stier stopped a vehicle this week when he discovered that the registered owner of the vehicle had an active Gross Misdemeanor arrest warrant from Scott County court.

Officer Stier walked up to the vehicle and asked the driver for identification. The driver, knowing that there was a warrant out for him, told Officer Stier that he did not have his driver’s license with him and gave false name information. The driver’s ruse did not work as Officer Stier was able to verify the subject’s true identity by checking his driver’s license photo.

The subject was arrested on the warrant and the additional Gross Misdemeanor charge of giving false information to a police officer. The subject was jailed and his car was towed and impounded. 


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