Car Crash Results in Third Vehicle Rollover in Lakeville

Outdoor weather sirens updated after year-long project.

Officer Jai Hanson and Sergeants Chad Hagen and Tim Knutson responded to a report last week of a multiple vehicle traffic crash involving one vehicle that had rolled over.

When the officers arrived on the scene, they found that one vehicle had rear ended another vehicle and a third vehicle had gone off the roadway and rolled over several times, coming to rest in an upright position. The officers found that there were a total of four vehicles involved in the crash, and fortunately no one was seriously injured.

The officers interviewed the drivers of the vehicles and discovered that one of the vehicles involved had passed the other vehicles on the shoulder and was driving in a fast and erratic manner before the crash. The driver of that vehicle was charged with Reckless Driving and the damaged vehicles were towed from the scene. 


Sampling of activity for the week of May 23 to May 31, 2012 

Traffic crashes: Alarms: 26 Animal Calls: 37 Medical Emergency Calls: 24 Thefts: 21 Traffic Stops: 298 


The past Memorial Day holiday weekend was a perfect example of how quickly the weather can change during the spring and summer in Minnesota. One day was cold and rainy all day and the next day it was over 90 degrees with sweltering humidity and the next day it was cool and windy. Everyone knows that during the summer it is prudent to check the weather forecast and keep an eye on the sky to watch for the potential for severe weather if you plan to do any outdoor activities. 

Over the past 30 years in Lakeville, we have built a community wide outdoor siren warning system designed to warn people who are outside of approaching severe weather. This past month, we completed a yearlong project in updating the outdoor siren warning system under the direction of Sergeant John Kornmann. 

With the new system upgrade, you will continue to hear the outdoor warning sirens tested on the first Wednesday of every month at exactly 1:00 p.m. In addition to the new upgrades, each of the sirens are also tested every day through a central computer located in the Police Station which does not sound the sirens but sends an electronic “ping” to each siren site ensuring that it is operational. Sergeant Kornmann also can now check the operational status of any individual siren site at any time through this computer program. 

Because of the large geographic area that Lakeville covers, we have the largest number of outdoor warning sirens (with 21 outdoor warning sirens) of any single community in Dakota County. The sirens are activated by the Dakota Communications Center when severe weather is approaching the city. 

When the sirens are activated, you should immediately seek shelter and tune in to a local radio or TV station to get the most up-to-date weather information. Another way to get weather information is a NOAA weather radio that can be tuned to alert automatically when there are severe weather watches or warnings in your area.


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