What Neighbors Are Saying: Dino's Officially Closed, McDonalds Set

With Lakeville's Dino's Gyros officially gone, McDonalds is set to take over the space along Cedar and 179th Street. But residents seem less than excited.

Last month it was revealed that would be taking its place.

A fair amount of controversy surrounded the situation, with representatives from Dino's telling customers they were caught unaware the leassor of the space in Crossroads of Lakeville mall was shopping the location to McDonalds. 

Regardless, on April 16, the building Dino's occupied and let McDonalds construct its third Lakeville location. By the end of the month, Dino's was gone, and to this date, it's still unclear if Dino's will find a new Lakeville location.

If comments on the Lakeville Patch story and conversation on our Facebook page were any indication, residents seemed to be less than thrilled about the restaurant musical chairs.

"Disappointing. My family loves Dino's. So nice to have a different option around here. We certainly don't need another McDonald's. Yuck," Adria Welle Deutsch wrote on Facebook.

The sentiment was common.

"This stinks. I don't understand why the city council would do this. Very bad decision for so many reasons. And the last thing we need in Lakeville is another McDonald's," Lisa Aldrich wrote.

City Council Member Matt Little chimed in on the Facebook conversation, too.

"The Council can't block a restaurant because of personal tastes. We could run into potential troubles if we get into the habit of approving one restaurant but not another," Little wrote. "No one is sadder about Dino's than me, I went there at least once a week!"

What do you think? Join the conversation.

Dan May 22, 2012 at 04:56 PM
Dino's was highly recommended by some of my friends, but I never did get a chance to try it for myself. Now I may never know what my family would have thought of it. I do agree with most people's responses, being there is no need for another McDonalds.
Debbie Johnson May 24, 2012 at 01:13 AM
I was told by a Dino's employee that they were looking at a location at the 42 & Cedar area in Apple Valley! At least if it happens we won't have far to go to avoid yet another McDonald's. No wonder most people I know in Lakeville go out of town to eat out.


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