Readers React: What Business Should Move into Casa Bistro's Former Space?

Lakeville readers named several businesses, such as Trader Joe's, Smashburger, pizza restaurants and Chipotle.

Casa Bistro was located at 20198 Heritage Drive in Lakeville.
Casa Bistro was located at 20198 Heritage Drive in Lakeville.
With the news that Casa Bistro in Lakeville has indeed closed, readers offered their sadness at the ending of the business and several suggestions for a new businesses that could fill the vacancy. Below are some of those suggestions.

Lakeville Patch Facebook:

Dawn L.: In their space, or the old Ace Hardware space downtown, it would be great to get any of these: Punch Pizza, Pizza Luce, d'Amico, Cafe Latte, Lucky's 13 or anything else that isn't in the immediate area. Why do we have 4 McDonalds in this city & so few casual dining options?

Kari B.: Put Trader Joes in that space!

Hilary D.: Seriously a Chipotle or brueggers would be awesome!

Anna L.: 5guys burgers and fries!

Brock O: Shophouse! It's a new Asian place owned by chopotle, same type of walk through set up. I ate at the Hollywood location, very tasty.

Andrew R.: Please no more coffee shops. Smashburger??

Alicia R.: Wild bills, caribou, starbucks, red robin, panera, Jimmy john's

Comments on Patch:

Brent J.: I know it won't happen but I'd LOVE for a Popeye's Fried Chicken to move into that spot.. Realistically, maybe something like a CiCi's pizza might be nice..

Jackie S. C.: I'd LOVE to see a Lou Malnati's or Rocky Rococo!

ABSG: In that general area....a Chipotle! .... 


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Sam Skaggs December 02, 2013 at 10:42 PM
Chipotle or Brueggers Pleasee!!
Kim December 03, 2013 at 11:31 AM
All excellent ideas, but I'm not so sure anything substantial like a Trader Joe's, Pizza Luce, Lucky 13, or others would survive. Lakeville had a beautiful Kowalski's off of Cedar several years ago and it was so dead in there you could hear a pin drop. And location wasn't a factor because Old Chicago - practically next - door was/is always packed. Sad to see yet another downtown business go under - for whatever reason.
ABSG December 04, 2013 at 07:39 AM
What is our Economic Development Commission doing to attract businesses? Just waiting for the phone to ring? Seriously, when is Lakeville going to put pressure on this group of laziness to actually do something? Wal-Mart that fell into their laps is not some feather in their caps by any means. That was 3+ years ago anyways ... meanwhile we continue to lose out to other neighboring communities that don't even have great highway access like Lakeville. We have lost Best Buy and we continue to have vacant lots and retail space galore which sits empty! We can sit and dream about all the great places we would like to have in this community, but without a Great Team in place to promote the City of Lakeville we will never attract these kinds of places people are requesting. What a Joke!


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