Craigslist: The Best in Lakeville—Jan. 11: Snakes, Turtles, Drum Set

What in the world are your Lakeville neighbors selling on the web?

In this feature, we take a look at the "best" Lakeville ads on craigslist.

Now, best is a very subjective term. But we'll bring to you items that range from the strange, to the collectible, to the helpful in a weekly post.

Pets—Real Living Ones and Not So Much:

From the ad: "I have had this turtle for 2 years he is completely healthy and great to have, but I upgraded to a 55 gallon Marine tank and just don't have room. Tank, light and glass top are all in great shape. Turtle comes with pellet food and water conditioner."

From the ad: "1 year old female corn snake for sale!! She is very nice and has never bit anyone. She eats a pinkie every 7-10 days. Comes with a cage, heat lamp, water dish, and thermometer."

From the ad: "- duck with bottle - $5.00. Will meet in Lakeville for pickup. Comes from a pet free & smoke free home. If it's posted, it's still available. I go through email only."

Okay, Then:

From the ad: "Blu e-cig batteries & USB charger - $30 (Lakeville) OBO (Or best offer). 2x Blu Batteries (1 New) Blu USB Battery Charger."

From the ad: "This is a set of ten skilfully illustrated pin up girls from some of the pasts most reputable gentlemen's magazines: Wink, Flirt, Eyeful, Whisper, Beauty Parade and Titter. 'Never show everything' was the motto. Use these girl next door images for framing, cards, art and crafts, scrapbooking. They have limitless uses.

"Typically you will find collage sheets or digital downloads, but these are actual vintage reproductions of magazine covers ...

"The pictures show twenty or so images, but they are being sold as groups of ten for $20.

Craigslist Rockstar (clearly from the same seller):

From the ad: "Disney Princess Canopy Bed - has small stain on bottom of trim (see picture). Will meet in Lakeville for pickup. Comes from a pet free & smoke free home. I go through email only."

From the ad: "This takes a night light size bulb. Will meet in Lakeville for pick up. Comes from a pet free & smoke free home. I go through email only."

Because it's Cool

From the ad: "I am selling my 5 piece Pearl drum set. It has only been used for a couple of years and stored mainly. The heads are still in great condition so it would only need some minor cleaning on the metal pieces to shine up. It also comes with two Zildjian Cymbals, one high hat and one crash/ride ... both on their own stands. The crash ride also comes with the foot pedal. The color is white and due to oxidization is starting to yellow slightly (this happens to all white drum sets over time). You can get wraps to change it to a different color or keep it in a moisture filled room to prevent further yellowing. It is a great set for practice at home and ready to play. Willing to negotiate price slightly but Pearl brand sets retain their value for many many years. 

"Please let me know if you have any questions by replying to this ad."


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